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The 'official' tag definitely affects us

domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Have you ever tried not discussing the boyfriend/girlfriend/special friend/wife/husband tag?

It might not affect everyone, but I am finding that in more and more cases it does!
The most important thing in any relationship from my point of view is having fun! What's the point of dating anyone if it’s not to have fun? Don’t waste your time or your friend's time by arguing, it’s not worth it!

People sometimes need to know what situation they are in with their partner/friend/whatever in order to feel safe! But, in fact, if we think about it, why do we need to know so much? Is it gonna improve the relationship, or it is gonna make it worse? Is it some sort of insecurity? Does it make us feel more secure if we know he/she is my boy/girlfriend?

Well in my opinion it should stay as it is... but in fact it does affect us!
When you say "do not touch that" or "do not do that" to a kid the first thing he or she is going to want to do is to do it! There’s no way he or she is going to say "ok, no problem, whatever you say mama" - (as always, there are exceptions). So in relationships it makes sense that it works in the same way. When we make a relationship official, I mean when we say "I am your boy/girlfriend", from that point on the relationship experiences some changes. From that moment, the commitment we are supposed to have stresses us out! We then start to not want to meet up with that person as much and we don’t always enjoy the time we spend together.

Why don't we tend to think in a different way? The people we meet in our lives are only ‘temporary friends’, or however you want to call them. They are not an obligation or people that we have to always stay in touch with! Sometimes distance, habits, hobbies, time passing and personality changes change the situation in different ways.

It doesn't mean that these people are not there; they will be always around, but enjoy people when you can, when they want to enjoy you, when the situation is favourable; you don’t have promise love forever. Everybody is free and can make lasting decisions in his or her life at any time.

When you date somebody, either one of the two people (you or the other person) can decide to stop dating the other one and you/he or she will need to respect this decision as this person is absolutely free. 

When you think like this in a relationship, you will make an effort to keep it if you really care about it, but you will still have to respect the other person’s decision! So this thought might make the relationship worth it, even if it feels insecure at times - (if you feel like this perhaps it’s because you don't feel proud of yourself, or you fear losing this person, which will need to be reviewed; please let me know if you don't understand this part) - so both people will fight for it and enjoy every minute together because neither knows how long it will last!

It doesn’t mean that "you don't have to speak" about the situation you are in at the moment, or "how you feel". Obviously communication is key! Just find someone who needs the same as you and be ready for changes!

It doesn't mean "do not get married", it means even if you do, be ready for changes and both your partner and you be aware of your decision freedom.

It does sound super uncertain, but yeah life is uncertain and as soon as we accept that our lives will be easier!

Hope this makes sense for all of you! I apologise for my English as it’s not my first language.

Note: I didn't forget about our hormones today! Just giving them a break! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Deciding which job to take VS deciding who to date

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014
I know I tend to relate different things with each other, but that’s my nature, what can I do!!!!

Thinking too much when deciding something is usually not the best option. Do you remember the moments when you were spontaneous, when you didn't think much about whether you wanted to do something or not, but you just went for it?! As if something inside was telling you to? If you don’t remember, mmm keep thinking.

We can actually never know if a decision is right or not, as there is always an OPPORTUNITY COST, where we have to renounce something to get something else. So, whatever we do this will happen.
But sometimes we feel like something about certain decisions is right and we just go for it without thinking too much! Yeah I know sometimes when it doesn't go as expected, you learn and say ‘next time I will think twice about it!’ But if you keep on thinking, I am SURE there was at least A BENEFIT of having taken that decision. If you can’t think of one… keep thinking. ;)

Well, basically what I wanted to say is that these decisions that we spend weeks taking, analyzing the results, checking them twice, three and four times, asking everyone about it... you probably don’t really want!!! Just ask one question: Does it make you smile? But please make sure it is your HONEST SMILE!

When you start living in the present, understanding yourself and your feelings, you learn to say yes or no straight away, without regrets, and you usually get it right anyway, because you have also learnt from the wrong decisions too.

Wow I have been talking for a bit too long now! Ok, in conclusion here’s what I wanted to say. You may say you like a certain guy/girl because:
- He/ She is sexy
- He/ She is very responsible
- He/ She is very confident
- He/ She is the right father/mother
But you still question yourself about whether they’re the right person...

And what about the people that you like and you’re not sure why.
Doesn't it seem to be the same as when you make a decision so quickly that you don’t even know why you did it, but you just did it?!

More than 50% of women have NEVER had an orgasm! OMG!

martes, 21 de enero de 2014
Yes, as many as that! Ladies, I know it’s scary, but an orgasm is one of the biggest emotions you can ever experience and you need to have at least one proper one before you die!
Please, please, do it – at least for me! ;)

How do we know if our sex life or the orgasms we are currently having are as great as they could be? That’s a good question, isn’t it? Well, it’s obviously hard to know when that’s all we have experienced.

If you would like to start learning a bit more about both yourself and your Erotic Fingerprint then keep on reading…


Answer each of these questions to understand your own unique, and personal, brand of sexuality. You may wish to write down the answers, or you may just prefer to answer in your head. There’s no need to share your answers with anyone, even with your partner, unless you want to do so.

As an adult:
1. Which moments of your life do you remember as being the most pleasant? When did you experience the most desire?
2. Which places, times of day or companions have excited you the most?
3. In what ways do these specific moments resemble, and differ from, your current life?

As a child:
1. What were the prevailing attitudes towards sexuality and the body in your family during your childhood and adolescence?
2. How was your first sexual experience? Did you have it by yourself or with another person?
3. How have these experiences influenced your current view of your body and your sex life?

And now:
1. In your current life, what things increase or decrease your desire?
2. If you could design the perfect erotic situation, what would it be like? (There are no limits to your imagination in this part of the exercise. Your fantasy life doesn’t need to bear any resemblance to your current life.)

Many women, including the women involved in this blog, find that increasing the level of sensuality in everyday life helps to keep their sensual and sexual potential alive.

Feeding this aspect of your personality is important, regardless of how you do it. Wear garments that cherish your body; smell candles, flowers or perfumes; listen to sensual music; take candlelit baths; eat aphrodisiac foods. Beauty energizes women. Adding beauty and sensuality to your everyday life will increase your desire and your overall happiness. Stay alive to the erotic possibilities of the world around you!

Let me know how it goes my beauties!

There’s nothing better than putting your first date in a "weird" situation.

domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

Would you like to quickly and easily check the attitude of the person you are about to meet, in order to make sure he/she is open minded and hasn’t come expecting anything?

Make a "weird" or unusual plan! But do not tell him/her about it beforehand!

Examples, ok exampleeeees!!! They’re coming!!! Be patient! :P

Invite him/her to your birthday and then bring along another person of the same sex. So, if you are dating a guy, bring another guy; if you are dating a girl, bring another girl.

You don’t need to explain to your date who this other person is when you meet up, just go for it and observe!! It is FUN!! And it will tell you a lot about the person you are dating!

Be creative, this is just an example. Any uncommon situations are GREAT!

No hay nada mejor que poner a tu acompañante de cita en una situación “extraña” 

¿Te gustaría comprobar de forma rápida y fácil la ACTITUD de la persona con quien estás saliendo por primera vez? para asegurar que es una persona abierta y que no tiene ideas preconcebidas sobre tí?

¡Planea algo “extraño” o raro! ¡Pero no se lo digas de antemano!

¡Ejemplos, vale ejemmmmplosss! ¡Allá van!

Invítale/la a tu fiesta de cumpleaños y trae otra persona del mismo sexo contigo. Por lo tanto, si sales con un chico, trae otro chico; si sales con una chica, trae otra chica.

Cuando quedéis no hace falta explicarle quien es tu amigo/ a, ¡Observa lo que pasa! ¡Es muy bueno! Mírale la cara, o el careto! ¡Te enseñará mucho sobre él/ ella!

Sé creativo, esto es sólo un ejemplo. ¡Cualquier situación "rara" es GENIAL!

Is your life TRUE

Here’s a sentence I heard in Spain last week: "Y sabes que al Murray no ligas" - ‘You know in Murray you won’t hook up with anyone.’ :/

Yeah that’s exactly the face I made! Murray is the name of a club. The situation was a friend speaking with another friend over the phone, deciding where to go to party. Based on this person’s info, Murray is the type of club where you won’t find a girl to hook up with. Does he go every week and has yet to find any interesting girls? Did he go just once and this happened? Whatever it was, this sounded like a belief that he had formed in his mind due to previous experiences. Beliefs limit us in many ways:

“Because I believe this, I can’t do that” or “because I do believe that, I can do this.”

“I am shy.”

“I am not creative.”

“I cannot find a nice girl out there.”

Just ask a number of different people whether they used to be shy, or they used to not be creative, and I guarantee you that there are people who used to be both these things but, because of their attitude, or their awareness of it, took steps to change it. Ask guys if they’ve hooked up with a girl in ‘Murray’ and I’m sure there are some who have done.

I would recommend not basing your life on lies or on things you have not even experienced.

Going to that club with the belief that there won’t be any interesting girls means that that's probably what’s going to happen! You will most likely miss them all as your brain has already made up its mind.

Think of the example of getting a new car. You suddenly start seeing that same car you want everywhere! It has become your focus, so you are open to seeing it. If you are focused on not finding any great girls you probably won’t find them. If you believe there will be hot girls you may find them! I know it sounds so simple, but please before you forget it, give it a try! And then let me know how it goes! :)

Your belief system is important. My advice? Base it on real experiences instead of on information you read or hear.

Please, as I always say, don’t just believe everything I say here straight away. Take away your own truth from it and use it practically.

Have a beautiful night/day!

Things that can stop you from getting the girl/boy you want!

jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Past traumas or "bad experiences" ---- Forget about them as soon as possible! Everyone is different and may not do what the previous person did unless you expect it to be so, in which case you are probably projecting that into the relationship. And the result will be the same in all your relationships. Things can be different.

The page you are on that moment ---- What are you looking for at the moment? A quick relationship, sex, a few dates for fun, a long-term relationship, or are you just focused on your career so have no time for anything? How does not thinking about any of these things and just enjoying the moment sound? Things will happen anyway, as your subconscious mind will act for you!

Understanding your Hormones/ How you feel today ---- Whether you’re on your period, you're super hot, you feel sexy, you need some cuddles & hugs, you just want to have a laugh, you do not want to be touched (or you do), you just want to touch, you had a great day and you feel like meeting someone (or the exact opposite), or even all of the above! 

By respecting and accepting these three situations (please feel free to add any more that are missing as this is just the starting point and everyone is different) you will find it much easier to understand yourself and also the people you meet up with. Not everyone is in the SAME PLACE as you, or rather, no one else is!  
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